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Pune Site aims to be an interactive portal into the City of Pune. The Cultural Heart of Maharashtra and the Educational epicenter of India, Pune is a fast favorite for people around the country and the world.

We try our best to maintain and keep Pune Site up to date with the latest in Pune. It continues to be a work in progress at the city is vast and multifaceted. This site is created and run by a Puneite with the basic motto to bring you the soul culture and the truth about our city. Our visitors are welcome to and encouraged to participate, discuss, and recommend things they would like to see in this space. Comment on articles and post your own interviews helping us have more than one point of view on any given topic.

This website is managed by Ayush Software. If you have queries related to technical details, you have something to discuss, almost anything to share/discuss you can contact them at:

Ayush Software Pvt. Ltd.
I-Space, Mumbai-Bangalore Highway,
Bhavdhan, Pune
Maharashtra, 411021, India

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