how much is generic accutane. Alibaug is one of the famous tourist attractions in the Indian state of Maharashtra. It seems that Mother Nature has been too bountiful while bestowing her riches on Alibaug. Famous for the beautiful clean beach and the consummate natural beauty, Alibaug always attracts tourists from all over the world throughout the year.
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Alibaug was famous as the enigmatic capital of King Shivajiai??i??s admiral Kanhoji Angre. This is the place where you can see a Jewish Synagogue and cemetery. This is perhaps the only place in the Konkan region where you find a Portuguese and a Maratha sea fort of the opposite sides of the same island waterway.

Where is it located?
Alibaug comes in the Raigad district of the Indian state of Maharashtra. Alibaug is around 140 -145 km from the city of Pune and the entire journey takes around 4.5 hours. A one day trip to Alibaug is merrily possible for the people from Mumbai; but for tourists from Pune it is just a bit hectic. I think a two day stay here in Alibaug is a must if you want to drink all the natural beauty of the place with all your senses.

Alibaug lies at a distance of just 19 km from the Mumbai Port and hence is one of the heavily crowded tourist attractions for Mumbaikars. Over the years the place has been rapidly developed into an attractive tourist destination and so even people from Pune are ready to take some efforts and reach Alibaug on weekends.

The recently developed gardens of coconut and areca trees and the natural lush greenery of Alibaug has been a major turn on here. The Colaba Fort, fresh clean air and pleasant climate of Alibaug give you a call. Away from the humdrum hubbub of the city life, Alibaug offers you some of the tranquil moments which have become a dire need in this age of speed.

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It is said that a person called Ali planted coconut and areca trees here. ai???Baugai??i?? is a Marathi equivalent for ai???gardenai??i?? and so the place is called ai???Alibaugai??i??.

Alibaug is famous for one of the very few unspoiled beaches in the country. The sea here has always been an enticing attraction for the photographers and painters. Prolific writers and poets, too, seek inspiration from the sea here. As the wind blows, as the waves come and touch your feet and dissolve in one another, as the sun rises at the horizon and sinks into the sea while setting, all these happenings at the beach tell you a lot. Poets find them symbolical; as a metaphor on human life.

The view of the old Colaba fort now in ruins makes you think about the transience of the grandeur and the glory of the empires. The view of the hill ranges of the Western Ghats on the other side of the city look awesome.

All in all Alibaug is an ideal place for the idle weekends and relaxed vacations. Alibaug is actually a small town comprising 50,000 residents and agriculture as the main occupation. This is the reason why you love the tranquility and quietude of the place.

Many people from Mumbai own farmhouses off the beach in Alibaug and so they frequent the place when their tired city souls and weary minds need some respite from the common din of city life.

The best time to visit:
You as a tourist can visit Alibaug any time of the year; but according to me a visit immediately after the end of the monsoon is the best time to come here. You enjoy the greenery and the scenery all around here and the flowers blooming and blossoming briskly on the branches definitely allure you.

Food and Accommodation:
Alibaug being an important tourist attraction near Mumbai and Pune, you find plenty of resorts and private lodging and boarding facilities here.

How to reach:
Regular buses are available from the Swargate Station, shivaji nagar in Pune. Catamaran facility too is available from Mumbai.

So plan a trip to Alibaug on some weekend and spend some of the tranquil moments of your life.

Alibaug near Pune on Map

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