Anna Admitted in Hospital, Diagnosed with Bronchitis

Anna Hazare Admitted in Hospital, Diagnosed with Bronchitis Ana Hazare has been diagnosed with acuteAi?? bronchitis. He was admitted in a hospital in the city since Saturday evening and will not be able to actively participate in the agitations, as he will be under observation for one week. The Gandhian has been admitted in the VIP suite of a hospital located off Pune-Mumbai highway. His suite is on the second floor, where an Intensive care unit (ICU) has been set up close to him, in case Anna needs it. He is being attended by a physician and a medical staff member.

The Gandhian leader had to call off his fast on the second day in Mumbai owing to poor health. Before he began his fast in Mumbai, his team of doctors had asked him not to fast for long periods. This team of doctors was the same who attended to him when he was in Delhi in August. Now these doctors have strongly recommended that he should not fast for the next one month.

However, Team Anna said that this condition would not be able to keep the anti-corruption crusader within the hospital premises for very long time. They said that he would travel to states where election will take place soon and continue his agitation against the government as it had failed to pass the Lokpal Bill. However, although team Anna is quite confident that he would soon lead them in their protests, Anna Hazareai??i??s health makes it very doubtful whether he will be able to travel and carry out his plans before the electoral campaigns begin.

The government will breathe a sigh of relief when Anna Hazare will not be able to lead the campaign; it will take the pressure off their heads to pass the Lokpal Bill. It will also give them some time to see if they can take care of the objections that were posed earlier by their ally, Trinamool Congress, regarding some of the provisions of the Bill.

The doctors have said that Anna Hazare will remain under observation for the next one week and have asked him to rest for the next one month. Orthopaedic surgeon K.H. Sancheti said that his chest x-ray shows that he has ai???severe chest congestionai???. He added that ai???The oxygen level in his blood is 98%, which is quite good, though he initially required additional support of oxygen, which was removed late on Sunday He said that there no possibility of Anna having pneumonia.

Although he suffers from joint pain, brittle bones and hypertension, his blood glucose, blood pressure and cretinine levels are normal. The doctors have started giving him antibiotics. In order to relive him from labored breathing, they were administering him nebulisation. Sancheti said that ai???A special test known as Dexa Scan will be carried out on him on Monday to determine whether he also suffers from osteoporosis, which is otherwise clinically quite evident. His blood test also showed lower levels of calcium and phosphorus which in a way substantiates the clinical diagnosis. However, the Dexa Scan will make the picture more cyproheptadine no rx. is periactin available in canada seroxat, seroxat, seroxat, seroxat, seroxat, seroxat, seroxat, seroxat. . viagra egypt. does viagra work for everyone.

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