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Around Pune – Ai?? Ai?? Ai??A city that has developed over the years, Pune has expanded into a city that isAi??modernizedAi??and yet retains it traditional aesthetics. A city that in the 60s saw a life changing flood destroy most of what existed, Pune held its ground and optimistically saw the silver lining. The city went on to restructure itself and expand in all directions.
Pune city
A place that is always changing and yet somehow maintaining a sure sense of diversity, versatility and secularity, Pune is still on a uphill climb as far as development goes. Somehow through the years, as a city, we have managed to retain our architectural heritage and also built new structures around the city.

Pune travel is an enlivening experience for the tourists from all over the world. Travels in and around Pune show you many places that enhance the beauty of the city of Pune. Pune travels have always been pleasure trips for the visitors. You too can have the same fun when you come to this cultural capital of Maharashtra State of India.

Whether you’re a puneite or whether you’re only visiting the city, there are many places where you should visit. Pune Site brings you a list of the places to see in segregated categories. Click on particular category to expand and reach information regarding places in that category.

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