City Corporators Attempt to Make the City Clean

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The politicians in the city are working hard to make the city look cleaner as the voters will soon decide their fate in the next civic elections of PMC (Pune Municipal Corporation). In order to woo the voters, they seem to have taken this agenda very seriously.

The roads littered with trash are being cleaned and the blocked nullahs are being taken care of. It seems that the various party workers across the city are trying to make up what they could not do in their term of five years.

The cityai??i??s fast growing population of the city requires additional staff and equipment to manage the garbage in the city. Currently, the civic body employs 4,000 sweepers who work in fourteen offices. The cityai??i??s area is about 244 square km; considering this area, the personnel to manage the waste is insufficient. About 1,300 metric tonnes of garbage is generated in the city on a daily basis and the civic body asserts that it manages all the waste quite efficiently. However, a look at the by lanes, roads and localities tell a completely different story; the numerous bins brimming with garbage, are a favorite breeding place for mice, rats and other rodents.

However, Mayor Mohansingh Rajpal says that he is glad with the way the waste is being managed in the city. He remarked that ai???We started garbage processing units in Urali Devachi and open dumping has been stopped. This is a major achievement in the last five years. We have solved the garbage issue while we were in The roads and wards in the lanes of his ward, Rasta Peth do not match this statement. The roads and the by lanes are filthy and the traders and the commercial establishments have made their own system for waste management. According to the administration, the elected representatives have not passed any proposal to tackle the waste problems in the area.

Shiv Sena MLA and corporator Mahadev Babar said that ai???People are angry with corporators about garbage. But the fact is that garbage clearing is the responsibility of the civic administration. But people vent their ire against According to him, the civic administration should tackle the problem because the people have started deriding the corporators when the civic polls are close at hand.

On the other hand, the civic administration says that these elected representatives rejected a proposal that stated that Rs 4.32 crore should be kept aside for door-to-door collection of garbage by SWaCH. They asked the administration to work on another model to include other organizations for collection of waste so that rag pickers benefit from the scheme. SWaCH is authorized to collect door-to-door waste and also provide other services related to waste management.

The proposal was not passed because the civic administration wanted the rag pickers under SWaCH to get an assistance of Rs 5 per household for collecting garbage every day. The rag pickers would be paid between Rs 4,000 to 5,250 per month and not leave their jobs. The corporators wanted that ai???Actual rag pickers should get returns for their work and more organizations should be roped in for the

A civic official said on condition of anonymity that these corporators wanted their NGOs to get the contract of SWaCH and so they did not pass the proposal. Also, about 110 positions in the solid waste department are still lying vacant.

Although the corporators and the civic administration are at loggerheads with the issue of the garbage, it is the common man who is suffering. There are many areas in the city where the garbage has become a menace. The various corporators in the city are feeling the pressure to deal with the huge mounds piled up in their constituencies. In many areas, the garbage containers are missing, causing a pile of garbage on the roads. retin a shortage in canada. original viagra puchase. awc pharmacy, awc pharmacy, awc pharmacy, awc pharmacy, awc pharmacy, awc pharmacy, awc pharmacy, awc pharmacy. buy azithromycin 1g.

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