Cycle Tracks in the City in Need of Urgent Attention

The cyclists in the city seem to be one the bottom of the priority list of the corporators. Although, there are numerous roads and lanes where cycle tracks are made, cyclists still face a problem commuting on the road and risk their lives on a daily basis.

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The so called cycle tracks are now being utilized by either the vendors for selling their wares or for parking two wheelers or four wheelers. In other places they are in pretty bad shape. The concept of building cycle tracks was copied according to what exists in the West; something that they could not copy was the successful implementation of this concept. Merely providing space for cycling on one side is not just enough. The authorities never checked if these cycle tracks were made properly.

A closer examination of these cycle tracks reveals that quality was compromised while making many of these tracks, thereby leaving a big question mark on the safety of these tracks. Many people would like to use the road for cycling, but they do not do so as they think it is unsafe. There are many other factors that put these people at risk.

Apart from the encroachments, the design of these tracks is not very good for cycling. At many places, interlocking blocks have been used to construct them, which make them very bumpy for the users. The traffic of the city is not very cycle friendly. Another hurdle for these cyclists is that there are many obstacles along the tracks, like bus stops and road signages. At many places there are no demarcation between the footpaths and the cycle tracks.

Arvind Shinde, the former standing committee chairman said that ai???We have decided not to take World Bank (WB) assistance if it insists on cycle tracks. If the PMC avails a WB loan, we have to compulsorily spend about Rs 67 crore on cycle tracks. We don’t know if cycle tracks will work. Already we have cycle tracks which are not functional. Before we lay new cycle tracks, existing ones should be used

Shinde had earlier proposed the construction of a cycle track in his budget last year. However, the corporators did not pass it. They even opposed the idea of distributing free cycles to students from standard VII to X of the civic schools, as they thought that the traffic conditions in the city were not favorable for cyclists at all. They said that it would put the lives of these children to risk. The party members should plan to improve the public transport system instead.

The plans of PMC to provide ai???non-motorised transport feeder services to pilot Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) routesai??i?? could not take off because of the opposition of the various parties. These parties also opposed the ambitious plans of PMC to make the city as a ai???cycling cityai??i??, by introducing and thereafter promoting the concept of non-motorised transport. The various projects have become a non-starter.

One such ambitious plan was to introduce the scheme to provide ai???cycle on rentai??i??, in which 300 bicycles would be made available to the people at 25 stands at nominal rents, paid for a period of five years. This scheme was proposed by Aba Bagal to the General Body and is pending till date. Bagal is of the opinion that ai???With this scheme, Pune will lead the way in bringing back cycles on roads. The PMC should ensure cycle tracks are free of encroachments and the GB should approve the plan without It was Bagalai??i??s party, the Congress that did not show any interest in initiating this scheme. brand viagra online us pharmacy cost of celebrex without insurance, cost of celebrex without insurance, cost of celebrex without insurance, cost of celebrex without insurance, cost of celebrex without insurance, cost of celebrex without insurance, cost of celebrex without insurance, cost of celebrex without insurance. lisinopril hctz 10 12.5 mg tab, order. . articulo 179.

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