Death Lake : Place Review

A Place for Peace, forever if not temporary!

Death Lake, located behind the Lohegaon airport, is probably the prettiest accumulation of flora and fauna amidst rocks and plants within the city limits. This water body is a deep, dwelling home for fishes, algae and several other water residents.

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Death Lake Pics - Courtesy Urvi Bhanushali

Students from surrounding areas and couples looking for a cozy spot to spend time together with one another visit this place for leisure and peace. Well! The question that arises then is why the depressing name ‘Death Lake.’ This lake has witnessed the maximum number of suicide cases in the past several years.

Often students get to hear that the police stopped people today as there has been one more suicide in this lake. The water current of this lake is very strong and hence, once jumped into the lake it is very easy to drown and rising up against the current is very difficult.

“I love going to Death Lake. Capturing the sunset on my camera is the most beautiful. But it is sad that the police do not let you go after 6pm to the lake because of the increasing suicide cases,” described Sherry Italia, A photography student.

Another student Pragya Singh says, “I wonder why it is always referred to as Death Lake, because it is such a beautiful place. Whenever I go there, I look at the sky, the birds and feel the wind and it is very peaceful.” At this, a friend Vibhuti Happa smirks, “For people, a peaceful place forever!”

The deaths in this region of Pune have increased due to this lake. Over the past few years, the rates of suicide have doubled. Police responsibility has drastically increased in this area. After sunset, nobody is allowed to go near this lake, especially students. The Police stop all people from entering this premise. Any misbehaviour even around this lake, like drinking or eve teasing is regarded as a serious offense and the responsible person is punished.

Despite the safety efforts, every week at least two people are found dead in this lake and have to be pulled out. After all these scenarios, this lake still retains its purity. Seated around this beautiful water body, it is mind-boggling, as you hear the start of the airplane engines, and then witness their take offs right over your heads. Students feel the enthusiasm to take off their shirts and jump up in the air, copying ‘Rang de Basanti’ and the crazy expressions of happiness.

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