Decrease in the Number of New Year Eve Parties

This year, there will be fewer parties to celebrate the New Year Eve. The organizers attribute this to the increase in the cost of the license and permission, ban of police permission for outdoor events and increase in the cost of liquor. The police have set stiff norms for party and sound system deadlines; they have also discouraged commercial establishments from having a New Year bash this time.

Decrease in the Number of New Year Eve Parties in pune

Various stakeholders from the industry have said that there has been a 30 percent reduction in the number of parties this year. The entertainment tax department verified that this number has gone down significantly this year. This department issues NOC (No Objection Certificate) to the various organizations for this event. Last year, the department issued about 85 NOCs for such parties; however, this year, it has issued only 45 such NOCs. They expect to issue about ten more such certificates in the next two days. Gitanjali Shirke, the head of entertainment tax department at the district collectorate said that she was not sure about the reason for the less number of parties this year. She added that it maybe because the people prefer to have a New Year bash at their societies and ai???other personal spacesai???.

An official from Zone 1 of Pune police observed that as compared to last year, they have issued very less number of permissions for New Year parties. He added that they have issued merely two such permissions till date. A party organizer has to procure licenses for the party like The Indian Performing Right Society (IPRS), liquor license, Phonographic Performance Limited (PPL), and other permissions in order to host a New Year Party.

Ganesh Shetty, the president of Pune Restaurant and Hoteliers Association remarked that the number parties in the city have gone down by more than 70 percent this time as compared to last year. He said that ai???License and permission costs have increased manifold, while deadlines such as concluding parties by 12 am have deterred many. The organizer has to procure quite a few permissions to hold a New Year party, which is a difficult and tedious job. Hence, the reduction in parties this year, especially those on open

Decrease in the Number of New Year Eve Parties in pune

An agent who gets licenses for these party organizers said that ai???The cost of procuring all these licenses (when clubbed together) has gone up by 20 to 22% this year, when compared to 2010. For instance, procuring a one-day liquor license cost you approximately Rs 25,000 last year. This year, the cost has gone up to Rs 40,000. Stringent rules and regulation imposed by the authorities, including the 12 am deadline have also played a role in this. The number of New Year parties has, therefore, dipped by 30-35% this Another agent who does the same work said that this year, the police have not given any permission to host New Year parties as it leads to traffic snarls. The expenditure on these parties has also increased, which has led many people to cancel such parties.

An employee of a city based event management company said that there has been a significant reduction in the number of parties this time; they have decreased by half as compared to last year.

The entertainment tax department plans to keep a close watch on the New Year parties on the weekend. It will keep a check on the parties that will be organized without the NOC. This check will be conducted in the city as well as in the rural areas. 1oomgfemaleandmaleviagra to buyonline. buying tretinoin in singapore. chris evans chest hair cialis united states. .

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