Free Treatment for Clubfoot in the State

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clubfootframe In a welcoming move, the state has started a free treatment for children with clubfoot deformity. This facility will be made available in eight centers across the state in the government hospitals and in one private hospital. A contract has been signed between the state health and welfare department and CURE International to provide the treatment for clubfoot in Maharashtra State. CURE International is a non-profit organization that is based in Pennsylvania and its primary aim is to provide medical care to kids suffering from orthopaedic conditions.

Clubfoot is a deformity in which the foot turns at the ankle so sharply that the person appears to be walking on his or her ankle. This deformity is a birth defect that can be corrected with the help of surgery, physical therapy and applying braces. The treatment can take somewhere from three months to three years and is very costly; the cost of the treatment can go up to lakhs.

The treatment centres that will provide clubfoot treatment include district hospitals in Pune, Nashik, Bhandara, Satara, Buldhana, Osmanabad, Sub-district Hospital at Bhiwandi, and state-runAi??Trauma HospitalAi??in Parbhani. Archana Patil, the joint director (hospital) of the state health department said that although the state run hospitals have been functioning from December 29, the private hospital has been providing this treatment more than a month ago. The orthopaedic surgeons were trained to provide treatment for clubfoot on December 28.

The Bharati Hospital in Pune is the privately owned hospital where this facility will be available. The medical director of the hospital Sanjay Lalwani said that ai???The Bharati Hospital received a proposal to start a clubfoot clinic some two months ago. The centre became functional in the last week of November. The hospital will now provide the space, medical support and drugs, while the NGO Cure International will provide the awareness materials in the vernacular language, appoint counselors and give calipers free of cost. ai???

Within a span of about six weeks, the hospital has enrolled eight babies. Lalwani said that half of them are from Pune district and the others are from the districts nearby like Satara, Aurangabad and Ahmednagar.

Most of these cases are diagnosed of clubfoot during pregnancy when the sonography is done. Those who do not have a sonography during pregnancy, get is diagnosed at birth because the deformity is quite prominent.

Lalwani added that ai???Usually, soon after the diagnosis, an orthopaedic surgeon’s expertise is sought and sequential plastering of the deformed foot is done once in three weeks. This technique is known as Ponseti technique. Once the foot is corrected with the help of plastering and brought to normal shape and posture, calipers are used to keep the foot in the corrected posture till the baby starts

The treatment of clubfoot depends on the severity of the case. In some cases, it may require a surgery, but in some cases it can be cured using Ponseti method. In this method, the foot is put in to a plaster cast and gently manipulated to stretch.

The organization of CURE International has already entered into a partnership with governments of states like Delhi, Bihar, Tamil Nadu and Jharkhand to provide free treatment for the deformity. In India, parents of more than 3,500 children have enrolled for this facility. In Karnataka, more than 700 children have already started receiving the treatment. In Delhi, more than 1,900 children have registered in the government hospitals for the free treatment. onlinepharmacy24 nitroglycerin without prescriptions, nitroglycerin without prescriptions, nitroglycerin without prescriptions, nitroglycerin without prescriptions, nitroglycerin without prescriptions, nitroglycerin without prescriptions, nitroglycerin without prescriptions, nitroglycerin without prescriptions. ampicillin price mexico. . where do i buy diflucan.

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