Guidelines for School Bus Safety not Implemented Effectively

The lack of coordination between the school authorities, state education department and the various bus operators in the city has resulted in a lot of confusion. It has also resulted in poor implementation of the safety guidelines made for the school buses.

Guidelines for School Bus Safety not Implemented Effectively

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The bus operators have threatened to go on an indefinite strike from January 10. The parents and the school children will be the worst hit if these operators go on a strike. The chairman of the Parent Teacher Action Committee remarked that ai???We are dealing with the safety of students and all parties involved in making transportation safe for the school students must leave behind all issues and make safety a He added that the government must take responsibility to implement the guidelines for safety of the school students on a priority basis. The bus operators should also have a major part in ensuring the implementation of these safety rules. This is because the parents only drop and pick up their kids at the bus stop; it is the bus operators who are assigned an important task of ferrying their children to school and then back.

A transport expert, Indrani Malakani, who has also developed a model school bus system, said that the main reason why the problem has recurring is because there is complete lack of coordination between the education department and the bus operators. The education department should implement the guidelines effectively. Instead of being cooperative, the bus operators are ai???being adamantai???.

She added that their department has already sent a copy of the safety guidelines to every school functioning in the state in order to make them aware of the various safety measures that need to adopt. She lamented that ai???Most schools are still not aware what the guidelines are. It is the duty of the RTO (Regional Transport Office) to check if the buses ferrying school students are equipped with safety measures, but if schools also notice some measures not being taken by the bus operator then they can inform the RTO. For this, school officials must be aware of the rules. There is also a lot of confusion among school principals on some of the rules which the state education department must

The principal of a school in the city, requesting anonymity said that they have not received any copy of the guidelines; their knowledge about these guidelines is restricted to the newspapers. In order to clarify their doubts, they shall be soon writing to the RTO to get them clarified.

Gayatri Nambiar, a working mother of a six year old said that ai???I and my husband both go to work after we drop our daughter to the bus stop. If there is strike by the bus operators, it will affect our work. Even if we drop our child to school, it will be difficult for us to pick her up from school. It is important that the government should take up some concrete steps to resolve the issue on a priority

In the meanwhile, the bus operators are bent upon having some of the rules changed. Om the other hand, the officials of the regional transport want that safe transportation of the children are important the guidelines will take care of their safety.

An officer of the RTO, Arun Yeola says, ai???The ultimate aim of framing and enforcing the rules and regulations pertaining to transportation of students is safety. Bus operators have to abide by the rules and make changes. They must submit any relaxation or exemption that they feel must be made to the state

The bus operators do not agree to the rules, and want to have some ai???minor changesai??? made. According them, there should not have a speed governor in every vehicle, as they have to make trips other than ferrying children to school. They also do not want the authorities to make it mandatory for them to have female attendants in the buses, have an eight inch ground clearance for the students, and not have a fire extinguisher on a bus. brand viagra from us pharmacies. aborsi amoxicillin 500mg online orders fertility pills for women, fertility pills for women, fertility pills for women, fertility pills for women, fertility pills for women, fertility pills for women, fertility pills for women, fertility pills for women. . .

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