Guitar Shops in Pune

The most popular instrument being picked up today is the guitar. A guitar can be of two kinds: Acoustic and Electric. Ideally, guitarists learn to play the instrument on an Acoustic Guitar. Depending on the form/ genre of music you want to play, guitars can vary.

A Classical Guitar is also a nylon string guitar. It is made for the sole purpose of Classical music and is a smaller sized guitar compared to the other Acoustic Guitar – the steel string guitar. The steel string guitar can be completely acoustic or an acoustic-electric. An acoustic-electric can be directly plugged into an amplifier.

Electric guitars come in different styles and makes, and with assorted additions. To play an electric guitar you will need an amplifier and a guitar cable at the least.

All guitars can be cutaway or non-cutaway. Ai??They can also be left handed or right handed. Currently there are very few left-handed guitars available in the Indian market, but they can be specially ordered for if you place an order with the retail outlet.

Furtados Music India Pvt. Ltd – Furtados offers up a wide variety of guitars and guarantees to deliver quality products.

ABC Farms, S. No. 35/36
Koregaon Park, Ghorpadi, Pune 411 001
Phone: 64010702, 65000126

Sattva – lisinopril amlodipine combination. The shop around the corner, a cozy little place to pick up the perfect guitar. They also help customers take care of your instrument after purchase offering after sales services for the minimum of a year.

G8 Ashoka Mall
Opp. Sun n Sand Hotel
Bund Garden Road
Pune 411001
Phone: 40077132/ 9922441057

The Musical Mart – Mostly acoustic but some electric as well.

5, E-Street, Pune – 411001
Phone: 26361085, 26341502

Aawaz – Keep electric and acoustic guitars. Most of the electric guitars are china made but are good quality.

Clover Center Basement, Shop No. 132
Next to WestEnd Theatre
Pune Camp, 411001
Phone: 26131454

H. V. Mehendale & Sons

24, Budhwar Peth, Appa Balwant Chowk
Pune, 411002

If you know any other guitar shops in Pune, then please let us know through comments.

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