Gynecologists Say Pre-eclampsia can be Avoided by Blood Tests

The FOGSI (Federation of Obstetric and Gynaecological Societies of India) has collected data that proves that pre-eclampsia and eclampsia can be prevented by conducting simple blood tests on a regular basis. Pre-eclampsia and eclampsia are responsible for twelve percent of the total maternity related deaths in the country. Senior gynecologist, Sanjay Gupte, former president of FOGSI gave this information at a press conference on Wednesday.

Gynecologists Say Pre-eclampsia can be Avoided by Blood Tests Pre-eclampsia is characterized by high bold pressure and high level of protein in the urine. If left untreated, the condition of the patient becomes severe, leading to eclampsia. It can cause frequent seizures in women; the expecting mother can also go into coma; eclampsia can even lead to the death of the mother and the child before or during the delivery.

He said that ai???Most cases of pre-eclampsia develop in healthy women bearing their first child. Pre-eclampsia can happen as early as 20 weeks of gestation and can only be resolved by delivery. However, late diagnosis of the condition can lead to long term maternal complications that can be fatal to the mother and the

Last year in rural parts of Pune, there were about 63, 000 deliveries amongst which 27 mothers died. In the urban parts of Pune, there were more than 43, 000 thousand deliveries which resulted in the death of 3 women. Very few deaths were of women who were below poverty line.

Gupte added that ai???Focussed attention is required across all areas to tackle the issue of maternal mortality. Through our national initiative ‘Save the mother and newborn’, we will make direct efforts for all mothers to get access to ante-natal care once in every two months on specified ‘Save the Mother Day’. We hope to increase the number of medically supervised deliveries through our campaign and also provide effective and timely post-natal and newborn care. Through our activities, we will also increase awareness of the significance of blood testing during pregnancy, since it still remains unknown to

He said that most of the rural areas lacked resources for transportation when there was need for an emergency medical care. In the urban parts more than 69 percent of the deliveries take place in the medical institutions, whereas in the rural parts of the country, this number is only 30 percent.

The managing director of Roche Diagnosis observes, ai???In the last decade, India has progressed significantly in the field of healthcare delivery. However, much needs to be done in the area of women’s healthcare. It is fortunate that many cases of maternal mortality can be prevented by simple testing. There is still a need to educate the masses on tests available for pregnant women. This will help save many medicine to gain weight. bimatoprost. cheap acyclovir. canadian healthcare pharmacy reviews.

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