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farmacia prescription. Harihareshwar is indeed a place worth visiting. I donai??i??t think a one day trip to Harihareshwar is practical or feasible because the place is blessed with such consummate natural beauty that you donai??i??t feel like leaving it in one day. A stay here for at least a couple of days will give you some satisfaction. As for myself, I would like to stay in Harihareshwar for good and drink the matchless natural beauty of the place with all my senses.
Harihareshwar Beaches
Where is it located?
Harihareshwar is around 130 km from the city of Pune and around 200 km from Mumbai. This proximity of the place from both these metropolises has made Harihareshwar one of the most popular weekend getaways for the people from Pune and Mumbai.

The place has acquired utmost tourist importance over the years as it offers a chance for the tired workaholics to rejuvenate themselves. Moreover the religious importance of Harihareshwar is indisputable as the place is famous for the Harihareshwar temple along the seashore. Not very far from Harihareshwar is another clean beach called Shrivardhan. In short there is plenty to see here in Harihareshwar.

Harihareshwar is popularly known as the Kashi of Southern India. The four sacred hills called Harihareshwar, Harishinachal, Brahmadri and Pushpadri that surround Harihareshwar add to the sanctity and grandeur of the place.

A cluster of Hindu temples lies near these four hills. Here you find beautiful idols of Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva. According to the historical references, these temples were constructed in the 16th century. A beautiful idol of Goddess Parvati too catches the eye of the visitors. Moreover the temples of Lord Kalbhairav and Shri Yogeshwari too can be seen. The sanctity and serenity of the place is all pervasive.

One of the striking features of Harihareshwar is that here you find a splendid melange of natural beauty and artificial architectural excellence. The dark woods, silent and shallow sea waters, clean beaches and lovely temples built along the sea shoreai??i??.wow!

Harihareshwar is a paragon for the lovers of photography and painting. You can see many photographers and landscape painters capturing the pristine beauty of nature into their camera or their canvas. The sunrise and the sunset at the beach are a treat to watch. The unruffled sea of Harihareshwar has always been a source of inspiration for many prolific writers and poets. All in all a trip to Harihareshwar helps a great deal in finding a way out from the boring city life.

Food and Accommodation:
It’s an important tourist attraction in Maharashtra, many hotels, restaurants and private lodging and boarding facilities are available here. For those who are interested in boating and trekking, good facilities are available.

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Direct buses to Harihareshwar are available from the Swargate Station.
Contact no: ( Swargate Bus Station ) 020-24441591

It is indeed an excellent weekend getaway for you. So do plan a trip to this beautiful place as soon as possible and drink the natural beauty of the place with all your senses.

If you have visited Harihareshwar, please tell us more about this beautiful beaches through comment.

Harihareshwar near Pune on Map
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