Helpline for women commuters receiving 8 to 10 complaints daily

PUNE: Eve teasing, and men and beggars travelling in the ladiesai??i?? compartments are the most common complaints registered by women commuters with the 24×7 helpline of theAi??Pune railway division, say authorities.Ai??The helpline established in July 2009 aims at providing safety and security to women travelling in the Pune-Lonavala-Pune local trains. The helpline gets around 8 to 10 complaints every month, say railway officials.
Helpline for women commutersAs per the officials, around 80,000 commuters travel daily between Pune and Lonavala buy clomid online uk, buy clomid online uk, buy clomid online uk, buy clomid online uk, buy clomid online uk, buy clomid online uk, buy clomid online uk, buy clomid online uk. , most of the commuters including college youths and working women. Of these, around 12,000 are women, and the number increases every year. The trains do 40 trips daily on the route, and each local train consists of three ladiesai??i?? compartments.

PRO (Public Relation Officer) Suhas Lohakare of the Pune division, said, ai???The 24-hour helpline was instituted by the RPF (Railway Protection Force) of theAi??Central Railways. Women travelers can call on the mobile number 9503013705 and register a complaint if they face any problem during journeys. Complaints can also be registered if boys above the age group of 10 or men are found traveling in the women’s compartmentai???.

ai???Most of the complaints registered in 2010 were regarding teasing and taunting by youths, nuisance by beggars and eunuchs and men traveling in ladies compartmentai???, he added.

Lohakare further said, ai???Once you register the complaint with the helpline, the RPF official deployed at main stations on the Pune-Lonavala route tries to track down the culprit immediatelyai???.

However, women commuters said that many of the women werenai??i??t aware of the helpline. Jyoti Desai, a college student and a regular traveler, said, ai???New travelers are not aware about the helpline and this information needs to be displayed more prominently at stations. Especially, during peak hours, there is overcrowding and men tend to rush into ladies’ compartmentsai???.

Harsha Shah, the Railway Pravasi Group said, ai???The railway officials should take some additional steps to arrange extra workforce for the security of women commuters. The helpline should be extended on the Pune-Daund route also, and for long distance trains passing through the Pune divisionai???.

Lohakare also mentioned, ai???The administration has already displayed the helpline number at important spots in the railway stations, platforms and also inside the trains. The information about the helpline is also being given to the commuters through announcements at the railway stations as wellai???.

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