Homeopathy Colleges in Pune

There are many good homeopathy colleges in Pune, but before going to the colleges it is important that we learn the history associated with this form of medication

Homeopathy is derived from two Greek words, ai???homeoai??? which means similar and ai???pathosai??? which means suffering. Thus, homeopathy is an unconventional system of medication which is based on the principle of treating like with like. The medicines used in homeopathy are believed to be of a diluted form.

The important point here is that the treatment been given depends on the theory that the medicine is derived from the disease itself. For example: if the symptoms of a disease are of venom of an X snake, the treatment will also be derived from the venom of that same snake.

It was Hahnemann who researched and found out this law through his various experiments. One of these includes the treatment of malaria. Here he concluded that if a substance is present inside a human body in large doses causing the disease, small doses of the same substance will cure it.

The drugs are diluted by use of alcohol or distilled water and a process of potentiating is carried out to vitalize the drug. Over the years homeopathy has proved its efficiency and is slowly emerging as a parallel medication system to allopathy.

Homeopathy is an innovative style of treatment and the education system always welcomes innovations. Due to this Pune has seen the emergence of many good homeopathy colleges. Here is the list of some of them.

  • Bharati Vidyapeethai??i??s Homoeopathic Medical College & Research kamagrafast. preis viagra 100mg.
    Bharati Vidyapeeth Educational Campus, Dhankawadi, Pune – 411043
    Phone: +91-20-24371608
    Fax: +91-20-24372175
    Email: hmc@bharatividyapeeth.edu
    Courses: BHMS, MD in Homeopathy with specializations, PhD in Homeopathy
  • Dhondumama Sathe Homoeopathic Medical College
    F.P. No. 23, Off Karve Road,Pune – 411004
    Phone: +91-20-25424384, 25437997, 25437901, 25437902
    Fax: +91-20-25424384
    Email: mtespune@yahoo.in
    Courses: BHMS, MD in Homeopathy with specializations
  • Dr. DY Patil Homeopathic Medical College
    Sant Tukaram Nagar, Pimpri, Pune – 411 018
    Phone: +91-20-27423184 /85
    Fax: +91-20-27423185
    E-mail id: info.homoeopathy@dypvp.edu.in
    Course: B.H.M.S., MD in Homeopathy with specializations
  • Annasaheb Kanse Homoeopathic Medical College
    Alephata, Junnar, Pune – 412411
    Phone: +91-2132-63204
    Fax: +91-2132-63266
    Email: akhc@dmer.org
    Course: B.H.M.S.
  • Lokmanya Medical Foundationai??i??s Homoeopathic Medical College
    Near Elpro Company, Behind Auditorium of P.C.M.C., Chinchwad, Pune – 4110333
    Phone: +91-20-27456496 / 97
    Fax: +91-20ai??i??27452518
    Email: contact@lokmanyahospital.org
    Course: B.H.M.S

All these colleges are affiliated to the Maharashtra University of Health Science (MUHS) located in Nasik; a government of Maharashtra undertaking. MUHS is the responsible authority for the research and training of all the medical institutions in the state of Maharashtra.

There are about 50 homeopathic colleges affiliated to the MUHS which are spread across the various cities like Mumbai, Nasik, Nagpur and Aurangabad etc.

All the colleges listed above are blessed with the best teachers of homeopathy, latest infrastructure and all the required amenities to research and train aspiring homeopathy doctors. Almost all the colleges have their own homeopathy hospitals and hence can provide for a practical learning experience.

There are some other homeopathic colleges in the interiors of the state or in other cities like Ahmednagar or Nasik which are affiliated to the University of Pune.

As homeopathy is an unusual way of medication it requires a lot of passion and belief in this system of treatment. If you think that you are innovative and have the zeal & confidence to pursue a career in this not very conventional field these colleges in and around Pune can create the right path for your career. brand ed medications online canada pharmacy without prescription, canada pharmacy without prescription, canada pharmacy without prescription, canada pharmacy without prescription, canada pharmacy without prescription, canada pharmacy without prescription, canada pharmacy without prescription, canada pharmacy without prescription. . atorlip paypal.

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