Housing Societies Join Hands to Plant Trees

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The plantation drive started from January 16; trees were planted in more than 1,000 societies that have bungalow plots. This plan to plant more trees in the city was drafted by representatives who hail from different departments that include the housing federation, social forest ministry, PMCai??i??s garden department, and the sub-registrar of cooperative societies last week.

The commissioner and registrar of cooperative societies of the Pune division, Madhukar Choudhary remarked that the main plan for the tree plantation will be made by the Pune Vikas and Lokkalyan Samitee, which is a part of the Mandake Human Happiness Foundation. This organization will work in coordination with the various cooperative societies and identify the species of the trees to be planted, the areas in the city where the plantation was needed, creating awareness among the citizens, and also implement various other plans.

In order to make the project successful, a committee of experts has been formed, which includes representatives of the garden department, PMC, forest department, and the registrars of the cooperatives societies. This committee will also make suggestions for the species to be planted and techniques for the successful implementation of the project.

The Samitee will also make pits to plant the trees. The PMC (Pune Municipal Corporation) and the forest department will distribute plants to the societies. The residents of the respective society will have to ensure that the plants are taken care of. The chairman of the Samitee, Sudhir Mandake said that plantation of the trees will add to the greenery of the city. He added that ai???The plantation will also be extended to other spaces and institutions.ai???

Madhav Gogate, a member of the expert committee observed that there acute shortage of space in many societies. These are some of the challenges that the Samitee would face and would need to come up with several innovative ideas to meet such challenges. Gagote was the principal chief conservator of the forests in Maharashtra. He added that ai???We have to look for tree species that require less space and also analyse planting techniques. For example, climbers can be planted that do not require much space.ai???

Another member of the expert panel, M.H. Khedkar stressed on the selection of the right size of the trees that will be planted. Kedkar was a former Principal Chief conservator of forests n Maharashtra. He said that it is easy for people to plant the trees, but it is very important for these trees to survive in the long run. comprar pastillas alli online. suppliersof cialis cotrim kaufen ohne rezept. . xenical mail order india.

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