Only 4,000 People Benefit from Health Benefit Scheme

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Only 4,000 People Benefit from Health Benefit Scheme Almost 4,000 poor people have benefitted from the health benefit scheme started by the PMC (Pune Civic Corporation). This scheme was started by the civic authorities on January 26, 2010. Although there are more than 14 lakh people in the city who live in the slums and cannot afford to avail the basic medical facilities, the health officials say that this figure is much better than before. Initially, only 699 people had availed this scheme.

People who live below poverty line (BPL) and have an annual income of less than one lakh can benefit from this health scheme. The PMC will also pay the medical bill up to one lakh per person for treatment in select private hospitals. S.T. Pardeshi, the city health chief said that ai???The financial allocation for the scheme in 2011-12 is Rs 7 crore of which Rs 3.5 crore has been utilized till date, benefiting 3,990 slum dwellers who had heart diseases, kidney problems or other ailments needing tertiary care services, not available in municipal corporation-run

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Although the total sum allocated for the purpose was Rs 10 crore, only Rs 1 crore was spent in 2010-2011. The scheme still has failed to reach the masses; the people who have benefitted from the scheme are far too less than those who really need it. Those who availed this scheme were treated for cardiac surgery, cancer, neurosurgery, joint replacement surgery, and other complicated medical procedures. The urban poor can also benefit from 44 private hospitals in the city that have been designated for the purpose.

Pardeshi said that they are still making efforts to make this scheme popular. They were confident that by the end of this financial year they will be able to extend this scheme to as many slum dwellers as they can. He stressed that they will plan to popularize this scheme by way of mass media like radio, television, newspapers, magazines and even handbills. He urged people to inform their domestic help about this health scheme.

The people who will benefit from this scheme are domestic helps and the garbage collectors. However, in order to avail this scheme, they should have either of the following: yellow ration card, certificate to prove that they have an annual income of less than one lakh per annum, proof that they reside in the slum, tax receipt of the slum, photo pass that proves that they reside in the slum. The documents needed to register for this scheme include a photocopy of the ration, the photograph of the patient or the family, and a registration fee of Rs 200. The patient also will need to carry an estimate of the medical expenses that will be incurred during the treatment. When the civic officials receive the estimate, they give the credit memo to the hospital where this facility is available. The memo states that the PMC will pay 50 percent of the bill or up to 1 lakh of the expenditure. dutasteride canada. novartis cafergot pills. cheap cipro, cheap cipro, cheap cipro, cheap cipro, cheap cipro, cheap cipro, cheap cipro, cheap cipro.

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