Panchgani and the table land : Place Review

- Sanyukta Iyer

100 kilo meters away from Pune City and 200 kilo meters from Bombay, this beautiful hill station comes with a promise to free you from all your worries! Cheesy as it may sound, this place is known as the ‘Switzerland of India’, and believe me within the country; this IS the closest one can probably get.

Pros: Easily accessible, favorable climate, comfortable atmosphere, economical lodging and boarding, variety for the taste buds, lots of tourist attractions.

Panchgani Table Land

Best View from Panchgani:

Table Land:

Situated at a height of 60 meters, this large expanse of flat surfaced laterite rock is the second largest of its kind in Asia. Standing on top of the table land, one can witness its vastness and look at the other table lands adjacent to the one you are standing on.

During sunset, it is mind boggling to see the sunset in the west and the moon in the east both at the same time. You can stand in the middle of the tableland and keep staring at nature’s beauty.

Horse rides, pink candyfloss and ‘golas’ are available on top. Just sitting aloof in a corner of the tableland staring into the callous valley below can be intriguing too. On top of the tableland, we can hear the breeze whoosh past us.

“We were 148 of us on the table land and we couldn’t feel the crowd. We felt lost in the wilderness. The place and weather was fabulous! Clicking silhouette photographs with our cams, watching the sun and the moon together, eating candy and riding horses and cycles there on top, we enjoyed every moment of our time at the tableland. The trek up there was fun too, but when the trek up there ended, we witnessed a place that was incomparable, and beautiful beyond any of our imagination!” expressed a media student, during her stay at the Asia Plateau, Panchgani.

The lake on the tableland always has cool water. One can take a dip or just soak your feet into the pleasant coldness. Thinkers, writers, painters, lovers and for everyone else, the tableland is the visit of a lifetime. It will stay in your sub conscious forever!

Other tourist attraction:

Best season to visit: The monsoons.

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