Phursungi Villagers Plan to Ban Entry of Garbage Containers

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The villagers at Phursungi have decided to ban the entry of garbage containers from the city into their village, starting from December 21. This decision comes in the wake of the absence of a waste management system of the civic body.

Phursungi Villagers Plan to Ban Entry of Garbage Containers

According to the people of these villages, the Pune Municipal Corporation has simply dumped a large part of the garbage without processing it. This has posed a serious health hazard for the villagers. It is also harmful for the environment.

Dilip Mehta, the president of the environment conservation committee of the Phursungi Grampanchayat said that ai???The civic body makes tall claims that it has stopped open dumping and that the cityai??i??s entire garbage is processed every day. In reality, however, a major part of the garbage is dumped at the garbage depot and there are huge mounds of waste everywhere. We have warned the officials against this open dumping several times, but to no avail. Now, we have decided to block the garbage dumpers to form entering the

He added that the smell of the decomposing waste was so strong that it has spread over not just in Phursungi, but also in the villages in the nearby areas. People who live in the nearby areas feel sick because of the foul smell and have lost their appetite. About 60,000 people live in Phursungi and 20,000 in the village of Urali.
Bhagwan Bhadade, the president of Kachara Depot Hatav Sangharsh Samiti remarked that the decision to ban the entry of the garbage containers in the village was a unanimous one, and was taken by the villagers of Urali and Phursungi. In the past, the civic body had asked for a time extension several times. However, in spite of these extensions, nothing was done by the PMC in this matter. He added that they are yet to decide on a detailed course of action regarding this issue and will inform the media people accordingly.

According to the norms of the pollution control, before the dumping the garbage it should be treated in such a manner that it does not become a health hazard. However, this procedure never takes place at the depot. The villagers claimed that they had made an agreement with the civic body that allowed only 1000 metric tons of garbage to be processed on a daily basis.

A ward officer, on condition of anonymity said that ai???Garbage generation increases during festivals. The processing plant allows us to process no more than 1000 metric tons of garbage. Vermicompost plants and biogas plants are not working to their full capacity. All these problems have besieged the civic body from all sides. Thatai??i??s why garbage, mainly from the outer and fringe areas, has not been lifted for days, resulting in overflowing containers on various

A PMC official, in charge of the solid waste remarked that the carcass plants shall soon be renovated. They also plan to issue orders for ai???capping of the garbageai??? depot very soon. They also plan to start a gassification plant on a trial basis. They need to support from the people to segregate the garbage at source. They also have plans to tie up with German-Dutch collaboration for waste management in the area.
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