Pratapgad Fort, Mahableshwar : Place Review

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A View from a view:

24 kilometres away from Mahableshwar, trekking over 400 steps and a long tour, Pratapgad is one of Shivaji Maharaja’s most fascinating creations.

wholesale drugstore. Place Review: Pratapgad Fort, MahableshwarHow to get there?

  • Road ride from Pune city, Mahableshwar or Panchgani.
  • Pune airport is 137 kilometres from this fort.

Monsoon is the best time to travel here. The weather is fabulous and eating hot ‘buttha’Ai?? (Roasted Corn Cobs) and sipping ‘chai’ is the most fun on the fort when it rains.

Hotels are easily available throughout Mahableshwar and her sister hill station, Panchgani. The hotel ranges vary from economical to up to three star hotels. Boarding and lodging are easily taken care of as tourism has grown in this region over the years.

What to wear?

  • Comfortable cotton for the trek uphill
  • Shoes to keep you going

One can always eat at the food stalls offering hot bhajjiyas and vada pav fusidic acid over the counter, fusidic acid over the counter, fusidic acid over the counter, fusidic acid over the counter, fusidic acid over the counter, fusidic acid over the counter, fusidic acid over the counter, fusidic acid over the counter. , with spicy green chutney at the foot hills. Sugar-cane juice is a must have on this trip.

“There’s something about Shivaji Maharaj. How did he manage to climb up there and build a fort on top of that mountain? It is beautiful. But the climb takes effort and should be done when both people agree and the time is right”, said an enthusiastic Sartaj Aulakh, who drove to Mahableshwar from Pune city to have a good day!

From a distance, the top of the mountain appears to be a rounded peak. The ‘Ghats’ to the top of the mountains are narrow and steep. The fort is not visible till one reaches the top. Then onwards no vehicles are allowed. The flags on the fort are visible from below. The gigantic fort appears royal and majestic. It gives one a feeling of Freedom and Pride. The walk then begins. For fast and frequent trekkers this journey up takes anywhere between 20 minutes to an hour.

The top of the mountain is 180 meters long, and it lies to the right of the fort. It is approximately square in shape. There are in all 20 spots to look at in the fort. Like all the rest of Shivaji Maharaj’s forts, this fort is famous for its strategic location. This fort is picturesque, huge and beautiful. Sound echoes within the fort. The ancient canons are still placed strategically beside the wall gaps on the top of the fort.

Shivaji Maharaj created wonders during his era. One of them being the Fort of Pratapgad. A must visit and a gaze into an Eagles eye view! flagyl pediatrico. where to buy zanaflex online.

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