Pune Education

Back when we, as a country, had just gotten our Independence Pt. Jawarlahal Nehru termed Pune as the Oxford of the East. The first college founded in the city was the Deccan College, in 1821 and the Deccan Education Society was established in 1880. Quite a few of our freedom fighters also studied in Pune, which aptly allows the city to live up to its pet name.

Colleges and Universities in Pune, reflect the people of the city and are as versatile as they can be. Ranging from Engineering and Medicine to Linguistics and Fine Arts, the city caters to almost every field academically. In this city you can get everything from a Masters degree to a Diploma. Colleges like Symbiosis will allow you to study and work at the same time if you sign up for distance education, while others on occasion make provisions for students who are working. Some colleges also have the option of night school for select subjects.

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