Pune Hospitals

Health Care in Pune comes with state of the art facilities and some of the longest standing and newest institutions in the country. Pune being a small city, almost all of the hospitals are well known and a select favored highly amongst residents. A few of the top hospitals in the city are Jehangir Hospital, Inlaks and Ruby Hall Clinic. From the newer hospitals that have come up around the city, Aditya Birla Hospital and Apollo Hospital are the best.

Pune Site brings you a contact list of all the hospitals in Pune. Almost each hospital is better known for a particular treatment, so donai??i??t forget to give them a call and check out their facilities before hand.

The best hospital to get to for Emergencies is Jehangir Hospital. You can avail of their ambulance services by dialing 1066. If you utilize an ambulance from Jehangir to transport a person from whatever location to Jehangir, you will not be charged for it.