Restaurants in Pune

Pune is a city that is culturally alive. With residents that mainly consists of working professionals, artisans and students, Pune caters to everyone. From mid-week entertainment to Sunday Brunches, the city has it all. Friday night dinner onward, alot of the working crowd begin to unwind from their tedious week gone by and head out into the city to get social and be entertained.

Multi-cultured translates to multi-cuisine when your tummy rumbles. Pune Site brings you all you need to know about the Restaurants in Pune.Ai??We have attempted to create a list of all the restaurants around the City. Check them out. Don’t forget to leave your comments and feedback, if you have used them. You can also see anAi??Area wise list of restaurants in Pune.

Given below is a list of the best restaurants in Pune categorically.

The Best North Indian Restaurants

The Best Maharashtrian Restaurants

The Best South Indian Restaurants

The Best Chinese Restaurants

The Best Thai Restaurants

The Best Italian Restaurants

The Best Biryani Joints

The Best Kebab Joints

The Best Sizzler Houses

Other than the restaurants mentioned above, you can get the best Bengali food at Radhika, the best Gujrati food at Rajdhani Veg Thali and Mayur Veg Thali, the best Coastal food at Coconut Grove and Mahesh Lunch Home, and the best Hyderabadi food at Golconda is one of the nice fast food joint in Pune.

If you are looking for the bestAi??ambianceAi??and most romantic restaurants in Pune, then our suggestions would be High Spirits, Curve, The Galaxy Grill, Spice Island and Malaka Spice.

If you want to eat pizza, then head to or call up any one of these pizza chains like Pizza Hut, Dominos and Smokin Joes.

If you are looking for list of restaurants in your area.