Pune Weather

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Situated in the western ghats of India, Pune is one of the city with very good weather for the full year. Temperature throughout the year is neither very hot, nor very cold.

Pune, the cultural capital of Maharashtra, is perched on the leeward side of the widely spread mountain ranges of the Western Ghat. The geographically important location of the city has blessed it with a pleasant climate throughout the year. Pune enjoys the magic of the three important seasons; the monsoon, the winter and the summer. Every season here has its own beauty.

Hot Summer:
The summer begins from early April and lasts till late may. Summer is hot and at times the maximum temperature even reaches 40 degree Celsius. But you have hundreds of ice cream parlors, juice centres, hotels and restaurants in Pune are there to make your summer pleasant.

Monsoon Magic:
Monsoon begins in the month of June and lasts till October. Most of the parts of Pune are the hilly regions and ample showers during the monsoon season make them lush green. Good rains also help the fertile soil of Pune to yield ample crops. The annual average rainfall is around 68 cm.

Harsh Winter:
Winters in Pune are pretty cold and dry. From the month of October till the month of March is the span of the winter here. At times the temperature comes down to 10 degree Celsius. Generally the temperature ranges between 15 and 35 degree Celsius.

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In summer temperature can go up-to 38 degrees. In winter,Ai?? it remains around 20 degree, but sometimes can even drop to 8 degrees as well.

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