Rajam Makes the Concluding Day of the Sawai Gandharva Memorable

Rajam Makes the Concluding Day of the Sawai Gandharva Memorable

viagra us 2 us canadian amox. . On the concluding day of the 59th Sawai Gandharva Bhimsen Mahotsava, the audience will never forget the performance of N. Rajam, the well known violinist maestro. When she performed on the stage along with her daughter and her granddaughters, there was pin drop silence amongst the audience. The power of the music was so great that the artists seem to have created a lasting impression on the minds of the audience.

Rajam is known for harnessing ai???the capability of the violin to make it singai???. She is received Padma Vibhushan and is credited for initiating ai???Gayaki Angai??i??, which is a unique technique which presents the intricacies of the vocal style of music on a violin; a feat that is quite difficult. She has trained her daughter Sangeeta Shankar, who gave a mature performance in the show.

She performed with her daughter Sangeeta and her granddaughters, Ragini and Nadini. Although Ragini is a qualified mechanical engineer and Nandini is on her way to become a chartered engineer, they seem to have carried the family legacy quite well. Their talent could be seen on the stage of the music fest. The performance of the three generations on the stage was quite a spectacular one and left the audience spell bound right from the time they started till they concluded.

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Although Rajam started the performance with Raag Jog, the trio proceeded to present a natya sangeet ai???Ghei chaand makarandai???. When they presented ai???Payo ji Maine Ram Ratan Dhan Payoai???, the audience listened with rapt attention. They presented another natya sangeet ai???Narvar Krishna Samaanai???, as the audience wanted to hear it.

The coordination between the four artists was amazing. Rajam gave them complete freedom to create a mark of their own. They were accompanied on the tabla by Ajit Pathak, who matched his rhythm perfectly with their renderings. On this eve, Rajam recollected the first time when she performed on the stage in 1959, when Pandit Bhimsen Joshi invited her to perform on this stage. She is of the opinion that Panditjiai??i??s music would never die and that his presence would be felt at the festival in the years to come.

The last day of this music fest was opened by Omkar Dadarkar, a young disciple of late vocalist Manik Verma. He has also received training for light classical music from the well known personalities like Girijadevi and Shrinivas Kale. He enthralled the audience when he presented raag Multani; he sang ai???Kawaan des gaye balamaai???, in the ai???wilambit khayalai??i?? and ai???More mandirwa mainai??? in ai???drut kyayalai??i??. This was followed by a bhajan, ai???Radha Raman Govind Jai Jaiai???. He was supported on tabla by Prashant Pandav and on harmonium by Suyog Kundalkar.

Padma Deshpande, a senior vocalist presented ai???Joyo mere laalai??? and ai???Sawan ki saanjh bhayeeai???; which are based on raag Shyam. She also presented ai???Mala madan bhase haai???, a natya sangeet, and ai???Maal padak Vitthalai???, a devotional song of Sant Janabai.

The granddaughter-in-law of Sawai Gandharva, Padma Deshpande, created a lasting impression on the audience by her rendering of raag Sham Kalyan. Nagaraj Rao Hawaldar from the Kirana gharana presented rag Yaman, the late evening raag. He presented the intricacies of the raag in the wilambit khayal through the song, ai???Aise lalan ke sangai???. He was accompanied on the harmonium by Avinash Dighe and on tabla by Kedarath Hawaldar, his son; they played in perfect harmony with the vocalist.

Later in the evening, Vyankatesh Kumar mesmerized the audience with his performance. The festival came to an end with the performance of Prabha Atre; this tradition has been followed at the Sawai Gandharva Bhimsen Mahotsava for the past few years. viagra very fast shipping to ireland. my pham tenamyd, my pham tenamyd, my pham tenamyd, my pham tenamyd, my pham tenamyd, my pham tenamyd, my pham tenamyd, my pham tenamyd. combining cialis and levitra.

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