Reckless Driving Increasing in the City

The number of accidents in the city has been increasing steadily. One of the reasons can be contributed to the rash driving by many teenagers and college students. Many of them even drive without a valid driving license. They want to feel the thrill of driving and tend to break the traffic rules. They also drive at a very high speed even while overtaking.

Reckless Driving Increasing in the City

These teenagers, driving four wheelers and two wheelers are a big nightmare for the pedestrians and the cyclists in the city. Vinay Padke, a student remarked, ai???The students lack self discipline. For them driving is a thrill. They do not think twice before speedily overtaking a heavy vehicle. The do not realize that such risky acts can lead to loss of

Priyanka Giakwad, a student studying MBA in the city feels that ai???these students see the stunts performed by their favorite stars and tend to copy their acts without giving a second thought to them. Some people also tend to think of the roads as their racing tracks and speed on the roads. This can be risky for them as well as the other people on the roads. They need to be taught a lesson not to break the traffic

Manvesh Solanki says that ai???The youngsters should drive their bikes in a very responsible manner. The colleges can ask the students who live in the homes nearby to use a cycle for coming to the college. This will definitely help in curbing the level of pollution and also decongest the roads to some

Many people feel that the traffic on the roads has increased because the city does not have a good public transport facility. Those who have to travel in the odd hours or during the peak hours do not find the public transport facility very reliable. Many people are in such a hurry to reach their destination that they forget that they can cause harm to others by driving recklessly.

The road accidents claim hundreds of lives in Pune and are a cause of concern. Hundreds of people suffer serious injuries in these accidents. Statistics collected by the traffic branch of Pune Police indicate that more than 400 people died in road accidents in 2007 and more than 450 were seriously injured seriously. More than 2,000 people have dies in road accident from 2007 to 2011. These numbers are a cause of concerns for the traffic officials in the city. They attribute it to the increase in the number of two wheelers, reckless driving and breaking traffic rules by many citizens.

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Manoj Patil, the former deputy commissioner of traffic police laments that the number of fatal injuries caused by accidents do not seem to teach people to drive safely. He observes that ai???A murder will often be described and discussed by people and the media in detail. However, a fatal road accident does not always evoke that kind of seriousness or People think that road mishaps will happen to ai???othersai??i??; they will never be the victims.

Other reasons that have led to increase the road accidents in the city include breaking the traffic rules, driving in the wrong direction and using mobile phones while driving. The roads have become a hazard for the pedestrians and the cyclists.

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