Sassoon Provides Plastic Surgeries at very Affordable Rates

Sassoon Provides Plastic Surgeries at very Affordable RatesThe facility of plastic surgery available at the government run Sassoon Hospital cost as low as Rs 500. There are many people who require undergoing plastic surgery but cannot do so for lack of funds; the cost of such surgeries can go up to Rs 1.5 lakh in a private hospital.

This hospital has become well known in western Maharashtra for its plastic surgery unit. Patients come here from not just nearby areas like Kolhapur, but also from the adjoining states. More than 1,300 people have received cosmetic and reconstructive procedures since 2009.

Parag Shastrabuddhe is an associate professor at the Sassoon Hospital. He is also performs plastic and cosmetic surgeries at the hospital. He said that ai???We cover the entire spectrum of plastic and cosmetic surgery and try to provide international quality care to our patients at Sassoon

He added that the cost of any kind of plastic surgery can range from Rs 2,000 to Rs 1.5 lakh, if performed at a private hospital. At the Sassoon Hospital, they charge only Rs 200 if the patient requires a minor surgery and Rs 500, if the patient requires a major surgery. If the patient needs to be admitted, they have to pay a nominal charge of Rs 20 per day. This cost is very low as compared to the private hospitals.

He said that people come in this hospital for this kind of surgery from areas near Pune like Sangli, Satara, Solapur, Kohapur; they also come from Konakan and Vidarbaha. Most of the patients either have birth defects or need to ai???cover up defacementai???.

Nikhil Pense, assistant professor in plastic surgery and plastic surgeon at the hospital said that ai???A lot of young girls want to go for breast augmentation or breast reduction surgery. Besides, there are people who have nose deformities. They are treated here for a very reasonable

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The plastic surgery unit at the hospital mainly treats patients with hand injury reconstruction, birth defects, post-burn and post-trauma reconstruction, maxillofacial reconstruction, post- malignancy reconstruction, cosmetic surgeries and post-leprosy reconstruction. Sahastrabuddhe said that most of the people come here have had accidents and lack funds to undergo such treatments. The patients can avail treatments meant for all types of ai???reconstructive proceduresai???. They have also started performing cosmetic procedures like body contouring, breast implant, dimple creation etc. The cost of the surgery is not much but the patients are asked to buy the implants from outside.

The plastic surgery unit has a well-equipped operation theater and other equipments needed for the procedures; they are also at par with any other private hospital in the country. The two operation theaters are centrally air conditioned, have LED lights for the operation table and have laminar flow to control infection.

The other two hospitals in the state that provide such facility are JJ Hospital in Mumbai and Government Medical College in Nagpur. The BJ Medical College that is attached to the Sassoon Hospital will soon be able to provide facilities for plastic surgeries to people. This will help the citizens to get better services and quality. comparateur_prix_cialis_france. finpecia tabletten. online pharmacy escrow hcg, online pharmacy escrow hcg, online pharmacy escrow hcg, online pharmacy escrow hcg, online pharmacy escrow hcg, online pharmacy escrow hcg, online pharmacy escrow hcg, online pharmacy escrow hcg.

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