School Bus Operators Observe Strike

School Bus Operators Observe Strike

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He informed that ai???The regional transport office has imposed a 23 point rule for operating school buses in the state. We have our own say on a few of the points and have been pursuing the matter with the RTO but there has not been any response. For this reason, we will go on a one-day strike on

These bus operators have complained that the rules regarding the buses have been formed without consulting them on any matter. Shinde says that the RTO and the education department should discuss the matter with the operators or their representatives before they make the rules. They just want the RTO to make a few changes in some of the rules that were formed by them.

RTO has made it mandatory for the bus operators to appoint female attendants and installing support poles inside the buses. The bus operators do not agree with the RTO on these points. Although the school bus safety policy states that the presence of a female attendant should be compulsory, the bus operators say that this rule should not be made compulsory for them.

Voicing the opinion of the bus operators, Shinde said that ai???In case of an all-girlsai??i?? bus, we do not mind appointing a female attendant, but otherwise it should be left to the bus operators to appoint an attendant male or female. The RTO also said that support poles must be installed within the bus. Some of the bus operators tried altering the roof and installed the poles, but during the rainy season the roofs started leaking. We have asked the RTO to impose the roof next academic year onwards so that repairs can be carried out in a proper

The RTO has asked the bus operators to have a ground clearance of eight inches for the first step at the entry door. However, the bus operators say that they cannot possibly have this ground level below 12 inches because when the bus has to pass over a speed breaker, it will become a problem for them.

Another rule that the RTO had made mandatory for them is to install a grill or a bar on the window for the safety of the students. They specified that the thickness of this bar should be five inches. After many of the operators installed these bars, the RTO has now stated that the thickness should be 1.5 inches. The RTO should not make changes whenever it likes.

Although most of the bus operators have observed the strike, the ones who are suffering the most are the students and the parents. Those who knew about the strike and could make alternate arrangements to pick and drop their children, sent their children to school. Those who could not make such arrangement had no other option but to let their child miss the school. Many parents were unaware of this strike and waited for a long time at their bus stops; this led to a lot of chaos and confusion amongst the parents. colchicine india. dapoxetine side effects. torsemide equals how much lasix.

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