The coastal region of the state of Maharashtra, especially the Konkan region, has been liberally sprinkled by Mother Nature with a cornucopia of long stretches of serene and striking virgin beaches. These beaches, many of which are yet to be explored even by the most ardent tourists who love to travel to experience the thing called ai???lifeai???, have an atypical appeal that has started drawing hordes of people from all walks of the society. If you are resident of this city and is looking for some quick and relaxing getaway with your loved ones, then Shrivardhan beach is one of the best places to travel around Pune, for it is blessed with beauty and tranquility by the Lords.
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Conferred upon with grandiose white sand coastline and sprinkeled with palm groves shades and mango plantations, Shrivardhan blows tourists off their feet with the shear amount of variations the beauty offers. Furthermore, there are numerous other attractions for tourists like the places of religious worship, exotic gastronomic spread (seafood recipes will blow your mind off), lush green pastures and rustic archaic lifestyles of the local fishermen. Shrivardhan beach is indeed the place where you can enjoy your heart out.

Glorious History of Shrivardhan no prescription drugstore.

History of Shrivardhan traces back to more than 200 years and is replete with glorious tales of Maratha warriors and their valiant efforts to maintain the ai???Hindavi-Swarajai???. The famous Peshwa Balaji Vishwanath was born in this auspicious place and was later chosen by the Maratha Ruler Chatrapati Sahu Maharaj as the First Peshwa. The Peshwaai??i??s continued to rule the Maratha kingdom with prosperity and uniqueness on behalf of the Kings for over a century till the British overtook them.

Over the years, the place has become one of the most preferred locations for those who like to soak in some glorious history of Maharashtra and spend some rejuvenating moments with the loves ones.

Places near Shrivardhan

Harihareshwar, another beautiful beach in the Konkan region, is only 18 kms away from Shrivardhan. Diveagar is also a beach that is near to Shrivardhan and is a lot quieter out of the other two. There are good accommodation facilities in all the three places.

penicillin where to buy. Food and Accommodation

There are many Shrivardhan hotels and Shrivardhan resorts with excellent facilities that would make your stay an absolutely comfortable one. All these hotels have restaurants of their own that serve mouth-watering cuisines. Though the food might not be a major problem in the area, however, there is a serious dearth of liquor shops. So, if you have planned your evening tipple with friends in the beach, it is better if you carry your own stuff. If you are planning an overnight stay to enjoy a soothing walk along the sea, then donai??i??t forget to carry a mosquito net or repellent, or else you will have an altered skin tone when you get up on the morning.

Moreover, while swimming, you need to be careful along these beaches as the water can rise pretty steeply and by the time you realize the distance traveled to turn back, the nippy water may even start lapping at the belly.

viagra gratisprobe. How to Reach Shrivardhan?

Shrivardhan is around 165 kms away from Pune and if on vehicle you need to follow this route: Pune-Tamhini-Kolad-Indapur-Mangaon-Mhasla-Shrivardhan. However, the place is also connected by Government buses and trains.

If you have visited Shrivardhan, please tell us more about this beautiful beach through comment.

Shrivardhan Beach on Map

Shrivardhan near Pune
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