Sukhoi-30 Crashes in Taleranwadi Village near Pune

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The residents of the Taleranwadi village were stunned to see a Sukhoi-30 Mk-I fighter jet of the Indian Air Force crash in their village. This village is located six km away from Wahgoli in Pune. The crash took place on Tuesday afternoon at 1:07 pm. in an open field. Although the open plot where the crash occurred immediately caught fire, no casualties have been reported. The two pilots flying the jet were able to ejaculate it safely. The plot where the mishap took place belongs to Sadhu Vaswani Mission.

At the time of the crash most of the villagers were working on their fields and came running to help the two pilots. Jitendra Mhaske, a watchman of a private plot in the village says that he heard a loud noise of his of an aircraft. But when he came out of his hut, he saw an aircraft come down with the speed of lightening. When the aircraft crashed within seconds, the walls of his small dwelling shook by the impact of the sound.

Mahesh Hargude, a local resident said, ai???Hearing the noise, we came out. The two pilots could be seen high up in the air. One of them was injured as his parachute got entangled on an electricity pole. We gave them water and they rested on beds outside our basti. Later a helicopter came and picked them

Another villager, Nitin Gawade who witnessed the crash remarked, ai???Never did I imagine that I will see something like thisai??i??Before I could gauge it, the jet hit an uneven mound on an open It immediately caught fire. He added that the impact of the crash was so great the front portion of the jet was in motion even after the jet hit the ground.

The villagers were a little amused to see two parachutes sailing down on their farms. These ai???balloon like structuresai??? were the two pilots who had ejaculated safely from the jet, moments before it crashed. Baby Ramdas Hargude, who was one of the first ones to witness these parachutes, said that she was working on her farm when she first saw them and rushed to help them. Wing Commander Suhail and Flight Lieutenant Nautiyal sustained only minor injuries and were able to signal their location to the IAF chopper for help.

Air Commander V.R. Choudhari said that before ejecting form the jet, the two pilots saw to it that the aircraft would crash in a safe direction. The IAF officials said that the villagers were celebrating a ,local festival. Also, there was a residential and a school located a few hundred kilometers from the crash. There was no casualty because of the decision made by the pilots.

Sometime after the crash, a huge mob was gathered near the site. The Pune Rural Police had to be deployed in order to control them. When more people from the neighboring areas gathered at the site, additional police force had to be deployed.

The IAF officials said that as a precautionary measure, the Sukhois will not be flown for some time. They will undergo ai???systematic technical checksai??? before they are flown again. A huge team from IAF and other investigators searched the crash site thoroughly.
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