The ITS not Being Utilized for its Purpose

max viagra pills. Although the ITS (Intelligent Traffic System) cost the authorities Rs 16 crore, it is not being utilized. This traffic system was introduced in the city in 2009. However, as the municipal corporation could not hire a third party to manage it, the system lies idle. Experts believe that if this system had been implemented, it would have helped the traffic police take action against the more than 14 lakh errant violators of traffic rules.

The ITS not Being Utilized for its Purpose

The traffic police recorded that about 8 lakh citizens violated the rules. However, the intelligent traffic system was able to record close to 15 lakh violations. The traffic police is crippled a lack of manpower and because of this, the police cannot take action on all those who break the traffic rules. Owing to this reason, the number of people violating the traffic rules in the city has increased. The experts in the city have a reason to believe that if the traffic police take action against these people on a large scale, then it will help in the implementation of traffic and safety rules in the city. This will make the roads safer to drive.

This intelligent traffic system has been kept in Swargate and fully functional. The officials have been using it to collect the data on the traffic violations in the city. But they have not used this data to take any action against those who have broken the traffic rules. The implementation of this system should have been done before the commencement of the Commonwealth Games that were held in October 2008. Officials say that it would take many more months before the system would be fully utilized.

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An official from the PMC said that in order to manage the system, the civic authorities need to appoint a third party agency and also plan a strategy for collecting fines. In the past two years, they asked parties to fill in tenders for this purpose. But the standing committee did not approve the proposals. Now this would be delayed by at least two or three months, as the civic body elections will be held next month.
It was the PMC who had proposed that the third party agency would be appointed to manage the ITS with the help of the PMC and the traffic police. This party would have to manage the ITS system, wherein, it would have to collect the fine and pay it to the PMC and the traffic police. The party would be paid money for managing the whole system.


The standing committee refused to accept the proposal that a private party should be allocated this work in February 2010. After a few months, a handful of office bearers said that the system was required to improve the traffic system and the participation of a third party was essential. The fate of this system would be decided only after the general body elections that will be held in February. praire rx. generic cialis paypal payment.

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