Tribal Museum in Pune

Pune is known as the cultural capital of Maharashtra. The city has preserved the rich legacy of history and culture. While developing into a rapidly progressing industrial hub, Pune retains its identity as the hub of knowledge and Maharashtrian culture.
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ai???Museums in Puneai??i?? is actually a topic fit for a Ph. D. dissertation. Different aspects of the human culture in general and Indian culture in particular are displayed in these museums in Pune. These are the places that make you feel proud to be human. The visitors come, they see and they are conquered. Museums in Pune have contributed a lot in elevating the status of Pune as a tourist spot.

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Where is it located?
The Tribal Museum lies on the Queenai??i??s Road in the city of Pune of Maharashtra state of India.

Main Attractions:
Different primordial tribes in Maharashtra have always been an interesting topic for research. That apart even as a common modern man one is curious about the culture and the lifestyle of these tribes. Taken in to consideration this common curiosity and also in an attempt of preserving different aspects of the tribal culture for the generations to come, the Tribal Museum on the Queenai??i??s Road in Pune was constructed. The museum displays hundreds of different articles used by different tribal communities living in the state of Maharashtra.
As you enter in, you are in an altogether different world. The splendid display of the lifestyle of the tribal communities in general and those belonging to the Sahyadri and Gondwana regions of Maharashtra literally hypnotize the visitors.

The articles in the daily use of the tribal communities, their ornaments, musical instruments, clothes, utensils, weapons and many more have been artistically kept here for the general display. As you move on spending some time at each section of the museum, you feel the grandeur and the glory of the Indian culture. The pictures and the artifacts made by these people are just amazing. They may not be perfect masterpieces from the technical point of view; but they have got the flavor of the soil. You get a glimpse of and a short introduction with the customs and traditions of the tribal communities. The museum thus attracts not only the tourists and common visitors; but also researchers and archeologists.

Taking into consideration the importance of the museum in the field of research and archeology, the managing committee has consistently been trying to add as many items to it as possible. You find an exceptional documentation of different facets of the tribal culture of Maharashtra.

The museum is open to the visitors between 10.00 am and 05.00 pm.

So whenever you come to Pune, donai??i??t forget to visit the Tribal Museum on the Queenai??i??s Road. Get acquainted with the culture of the tribes, the sons of the soil!

If you have visited Tribal Museum in Pune, please tell us more about it through comment.

Tribal Museum in Pune on Map
Tribal Museum, 28, Queen’s Garden Road, Near Yerwada Bridge, Pune buy bisoprolol hctz online canadian vicoprofen. .

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