Two More Battalions for National Disaster Response Force

Two More Battalions for National Disaster Response Force The vice chairman of the National Disaster Management Authority, M. Shashidhar Reddy, announced on Thursday that the NDRF (National Disaster Response Force) has proposed to add a couple of battalions. This will enable it to improve its efficiency and improve make its services accessible across the country.

Mr. Reddy was speaking on the seventh Raising Day of NDRF, which was celebrated at its headquarters at Talegaon, on Thursday. As a part of the celebrations, it had arranged a mock display of the various activities and a demonstration of the way in which their personnel carry out rescue operations.

He said that the Union government has already given the in-principal approval for the stationing of one battalion in Uttarakhand and the other in state of the north eastern region of the country. He said that ai???A Rs 3,000 crore plan for infrastructure requirements for the force during the 12th Five year plan is under active consideration. Apart from this, a Rs 800 crore proposal has been put up to the Planning Commission for training the State Disaster Response

He added the NDRF was very active in updating its skills by participating in the various international certification programs; which would help to meet the training requirements for the specialist force. This organization came into force in 2006, and has its battalion in the states that are more prone to disaster. Ever since it was started, the NDRF has actively participated in the in the rescue operations of both manmade and natural disasters, throughout the country. The NDRF won accolades for its first overseas operation, when it went to work in Japan, at the time when an earthquake had hit the country last March.

Mr. Reddy said that ai???We are recommending the deployment of two teams at each of the nuclear power plants in the country which can handle such emergencies. These are to be deployed as a confidence-building measure. Orissa and states in the north-east have formed State Disaster Response Force units. Maharashtra too is forming its own The NDMA also plans to deploy teams that can handle biological, chemical, radiological, and nuclear emergencies.

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