Yoko Restaurant in Pune

Yoko Restaurant safe source to buy cialis. is a sizzler restaurant located on Dhole Patil road. Try their pepper steak with barbecue sauce or the chicken/ veg shaslik or the veg/ chicken satellite and also chicken sizzler. They also offer pizzas and burgers. The sizzling brownies and the caramel custard are good for those who have a sweet tooth.

The quality of food here is good and the service is decent. This is an air conditioned restaurant with good decor. If you want to try meal at Yoko be prepared to be treated like a king at a very affordable price. They accept all major credit cards.

Timings: 12:00 noon to 03:30 PM & 07:00 PM to 11:30 PM

Yoko Restaurant
G3, 5th Avenue,
Dhole Patil Road,
Pune, 411001
Phone: 020-26111389, 39521400

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Yoko Restaurant in Pune on Map
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